Friday, September 28, 2012

Grape Stomp at McGrail

Tomorrow is our 2nd Annual Grape Stomp at McGrail Vineyards.  We will pick Petite Sirah from a neighbors vineyard early tomorrow morning and around noon we will welcome guests to try their best at stomping grapes.  (Don't worry, we actually discard the juice -- it's only for fun!)

The front lawn of McGrail Vineyards and Winery will be laid out with 6 half barrels filled with grapes.  Get a group of 6 together or just come on your own and we'll fill in the extra spots and race to stomp out the most juice.  Everyone will get to stomp for 1 minute and then the juice will be measured and the winner gets a prize.  Everyone that participates will take home a "I stomped Grapes at McGrail Vineyards" t-shirt and you can add your purple toes to the shirt.

If you decide to just watch the grape stomp you will have a great time as well!  TankHalfFull will be entertaining the guests with live music and food will be available to purchase by Posada Catering.  Come out to McGrail Vineyards tomorrow: Saturday, September 29th 12-4PM.

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