Monday, November 9, 2009

The McGrail's meet more McGrail's!

Wine brings together family, fun, and great stories!

The owners of McGrail Vineyards and Winery in Livermore, CA had the great experience of meeting Jill and Sean McGrail last Wednesday at the winery. Jill and Sean live in Ohio and found the winery through a searching the web. Last year, the McGrail's tried the wine and this year they decided to come for a visit. Sharing the not-so-common last name, McGrail, was only the beginning of similarities. The east coast McGrail's decided to renew their vows on the front lawn of the McGrail winery with their long lost relatives as the guests. Warm, friendly, and full of life were just a few words used to describe the McGrail's from Ohio.

Although, the family tree is not complete and we are unsure of actual relationship, the stories and location seem too close to not have some distant relationship.

Whether the two McGrail's are from the same clan or not, they both like wine, like to have a good time, and love the Irish roots.

Family or not, going to the mom and pop wineries give you a chance to feel like part of the family!

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